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Bartley Tablante defends dissertation

Bartley Tablante successfully defended his PhD dissertation in the Dept of Economics yesterday.  The dissertation, titled “Learning and Beliefs in Non-Centralized Markets”, comprises three papers: two focused on conditions for learning through distributed trade, and one on “Equilibria in a Market with a Front Runner”. Congratulations, Bartley.


Ben Cassell defends dissertation

Ben-Alexander Cassell successfully defended his thesis today.  Ben’s dissertation, entitled Scaling Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis, reports several practical advances in EGTA technology, methodology, and application. Congratulations, Ben.


Elaine Wah defends thesis proposal

Congratulations to Elaine, on successfully defending her dissertation proposal, “Computational models of algorithmic trading in financial markets”. Her thesis committee members are Jacob Abernethy, Michael Barr (Law), Uday Rajan (Finance), and myself.

2d Annual Michigan AI Lab Mini-Symposium

Tuesday 29 April 2014, 3725 BBB A special symposium to present the latest research to come out of the Michigan AI Lab, and celebrate our research accomplishments. The program will comprise presentations by AI Lab grad students of research results presented at conferences over this academic year. All are welcome to attend.  So that we […]

Arguments about “front running”

One of the brilliant rhetorical devices deployed by Michael Lewis in his public interviews about Flash Boys is referring to some HFT practices as “legal front running”. By inserting the “legal”, he takes off the table any accusations of lawbreaking.  Nevertheless, defenders of HFT seem to cling to legalistic definitions of “front running” in making […]