Generalization Risk Minimization in Empirical Game Models

Experimental analysis of agent strategies in multiagent systems presents a tradeoff between granularity and statistical confidence. Collecting a large amount of data about each strategy profile improves confidence, but restricts the range of strategies and profiles that can be explored. We propose a flexible approach, where multiple game-theoretic formulations can be constructed to model the same underlying scenario (observation dataset). The prospect of incorrectly selecting an empirical model is termed generalization risk, and the generalization risk framework we describe provides a general criterion for empirical modeling choices, such as adoption of factored strategies or other structured representations of a game model. We propose a principled method of managing generalization risk to derive the optimal game-theoretic model for the observed data in a restricted class of models. Application to a large dataset generated from a trading agent scenario validates the method.

Forecasting Market Prices in a Supply Chain Game

Predicting the uncertain and dynamic future of market conditions on the supply chain, as reflected in prices, is an essential component of effective operational decision-making. We present and evaluate methods used by our agent, Deep Maize, to forecast market prices in the trading agent competition supply chain management game (TAC/SCM). We employ a variety of machine learning and representational techniques to exploit as many types of information as possible, integrating well-known methods in novel ways. We evaluate these techniques through controlled experiments as well as performance in both the main TAC/SCM tournament and supplementary Prediction Challenge. Our prediction methods demonstrate strong performance in controlled experiments and achieved the best overall score in the Prediction Challenge.

Designing the Ad Auctions Game for the Trading Agent Competition

We introduce the TAC Ad Auctions game (TAC/AA), a new game for the Trading Agent Competition. The Ad Auctions game investigates complex strategic issues found in real sponsored search auctions that are not captured in current analytical models. We provide an overview of TAC/AA, introducing its key features and design rationale. TAC/AA will debut in summer 2009, with the final tournament commencing in conjunction with the TADA-09 workshop.