Mason Wright
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Mason Wright Defends Thesis Proposal

Mason Wright successfully defended his thesis proposal last week: Stable Profiles in Simulation-Based Games via Reinforcement Learning and Statistics. Congratulations, Mason.
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New project on market manipulation

Collaboration with Tucker Balch (Ga Tech), Uday Rajan (UMich), and Michael Barr (UMich), funded by NSF BIGDATA program. CSE news posting.
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Algocracy Podcast

Uday Rajan and I appeared on the Algocracy and Transhumanism Project Podcast, hosted by John Danaher, to talk about our recent article on the ethics of automated trading.
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Bloomberg article about ASU Origins workshop on adverse AI outcomes

Last weekend I attended a very interesting meeting at Arizona State U, hosted by the Origins Project, devoted to discussions on potential adverse outcomes from AI, and how to avoid them. Bloomberg News ran an article describing it at high level.…

Wired article on hedge fund using private currency for crowdsouring

I'm quoted as a skeptic.
Erik Brinkman
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Erik Brinkman Defends Thesis Proposal

Erik Brinkman successfully defended his thesis proposal today: Understanding Financial Market Behavior through Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis. Congratulations, Erik.
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Xintong Wang Passes Prelim

Xintong Wang passed her prelim exam, based on her directed study project: Spoofing the Limit Order Book: An Agent-Based Model. Congratulations, Xintong.
Frank Cheng
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Frank Cheng Passes Prelim

Frank Cheng passed his prelim exam, based on his directed study project: Strategic Payment Routing in Financial Credit Networks. Congratulations, Frank.

JAAMAS Special issue on Autonomous Agents for ABM

Just published: the special issue of J. Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, on Autonomous Agents for Agent-Based Modeling.  Co-editors: Virginia Dignum, Nigel Gilbert, Michael Wellman.