SI REU Video

Video documenting the 2013 REU program run by the School of Information. Featuring SRG summer undergraduate researcher Chris Rockwell, and mentor Erik Brinkman.

Featuring… SRG Alum Dan Reeves

UMich EECS news item prompted by article featuring Beeminder on front page of Wall Street Journal.

SRG alum Chris Kiekintveld receives NSF CAREER award

Congratulations Chris! read about it in the El Paso Times

Ben-Alexander Cassell defends thesis proposal

PhD candidate Ben-Alexander Cassell successfully defended his thesis proposal on 7 January.  Ben's thesis will be on "Scaling Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis". His thesis committee is: Michael Wellman (chair) John Laird Demosthenis…

SRG PhD students pass preliminary exam

Two SRG PhD students recently passed their preliminary exams: the research-based component of the qualification process at Michigan. Elaine Wah, with her paper: Latency arbitrage, market fragmentation and efficiency: An agent-based model…
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Quang Duong Defends Dissertation

Quang Duong successfully defended his thesis on 20 July.  Quang's dissertation, entitled Graphical Multiagent Models, demonstrates how to exploit the flexibility and power of probabilistic graphical models for representing and reasoning about…

SRG Welcomes Eugene Vorobeychik

Dr. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik (Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia Nat'l Laboratories) will be a Visiting Researcher here through the rest of the year.  Eugene is of course an SRG alum (PhD '08), and it is great to have him back to renew the…

Quang Duong Defends Thesis Proposal

PhD candidate Quang Duong successfully defended his thesis proposal on 30 June.  Quang's thesis will be on Graphical Multiagent Models, a probabilistic representation for multiagent behavior that captures local dependencies and accommodates…