Cost/Benefit of High-Frequency Trading

On Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen discusses high-frequency trading and gets to the nub of the issue: The philosophical question is why it might possibly be beneficial to have market prices adjust within five seconds rather than within fifteen.…

Countering High-Frequency Trading

The recent NYT article by Charles Duhigg on high-frequency trading (HFT) has set off a flurry of argument about the benefits and threats of this activity to financial trading systems. The revelation that some systems provide advance information…

2009 Trading Agent Competition Results

The tenth annual Trading Agent Competition was completed earlier this month at the IJCAI-09 conference in Pasadena, California. TAC-09 featured three games: the supply chain management, market design, and ad auction games. Preliminary rounds began in June, involving 42 teams from 14 countries.