H Yamaki, MP Wellman, and T Ishida

Second International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems, pages 385-392, Kyoto, December 1996.
Copyright (c) 1996, American Association for Artificial Intelligence.


Allocating quality of service (QoS) has been a focus of recent work on distributed multimedia systems and networks. This paper explores a decentralized approach that allocates QoS through a dynamic market. In our approach, each agent makes decisions according to its local knowledge and interests, and prices adjust to clear the market in each resource. Dynamic changes in agent needs and network status cause the agents to revise their decisions continually. The market prices reflect system-wide values, inducing agents to produce and consume appropriate amounts of the various resources. We describe a market model for allocating bandwidth in an actual networked meeting environment called FreeWalk. Experiments reveal the responsiveness of the market-based approach to dynamic conditions in allocating QoS for multimedia network applications.

A revised and extended version appears as “Market-based QoS control for incorporating community preferences”, in Community Computing: Collaboration over Global Information Networks (T. Ishida, editor), Wiley, 1998.


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