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interview with Grainstone Lee

I spoke with Simon Grainger recently for his firm's "Views from Academia" series. The interview is based on presentations I've made recently on "Game Playing meets Game Theory", discussing the connection between game-theoretic reasoning and…
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My interview with Bill Powers on AI Decision Makers

https://youtu.be/SnTf-iWUTpk Recorded June 2018, as part of a series on Machine Behavior, in conjunction with publication of a position paper in Nature on the topic.

Multiscale Network Games of Collusion and Competition

Principal Investigators Michael Wellman (U Michigan) Mingyan Liu (U Michigan) PIs at partner universities: Milind Tambe (University of Southern California) David Kempe (University of Southern California) P. Jeffrey Brantingham…
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Asimov Debate on Artificial Intelligence

I had the privilege of participating in the 2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate, on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, held at the American Museum of Natural History on 13 Feb. The event was hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and featured five…
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Algocracy Podcast

Uday Rajan and I appeared on the Algocracy and Transhumanism Project Podcast, hosted by John Danaher, to talk about our recent article on the ethics of automated trading.
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Bloomberg article about ASU Origins workshop on adverse AI outcomes

Last weekend I attended a very interesting meeting at Arizona State U, hosted by the Origins Project, devoted to discussions on potential adverse outcomes from AI, and how to avoid them. Bloomberg News ran an article describing it at high level.…

AI Scientist Letter on Autonomous Weapons

Signing the AI Researcher Open Letter on Autonomous Weapons was something of a no-brainer for me.  I am not confident that a ban would be easy to define or enact or enforce, but the attempt is worthwhile if only to give some pause and shine…

Economic Reasoning and AI

A review article on Econ/AI co-authored by David Parkes and myself just came out in the 17 July issue of Science magazine. See also David’s interview about it on phys.org.

Michigan AI Lab Mini-Symposium Scheduled for 2 May

A showcase of research from across the AI Lab. Start of an annual tradition? See the details.